Treva Shares in D.C.

I want to take a few minutes to define the purpose and high calling for which we are gathered this morning. I am honored to stand before you and give direction, under God, for this moment in history, as we huddle, as both sisters and saints, to pray for the children of our wombs, and the children of this land.

Why women must pray for their children:

Because we as women are prone to force our own way upon our children, attempt to control them (oh and women even women of antiquity have always had issue with this!), assuming we always know what is best. But when you pray, you can hear Him say “Oh, Daughter, My thoughts are not your thoughts. I will direct you with Mine eye and give you clarity about this child- clarity that ONLY COMES FROM PRAYER. And when they don’t fulfill the dreams you had for them…What is it to you? Honestly? Will you trust me, that the words by which you trained them, will NEVER escape them, even when they rage against them. YOU must follow me. Let these go their way. But because it was the prayers of mothers decades ago, that many of us stand here today, free from the clutches of the kingdom of darkness, we must pray! It is OUR turn. And because to pray not for them is a sin! And so, sisters, today this is why WOMEN MUST PRAY FOR THEIR CHILDREN.

Because we will all too often speak advice and correction that was born of our flesh, and has not been given from the Holy Spirit at all and can bear devastating results. But when we pray, we can hear Him say, “Cease striving and know that I am God. Let your words be few. The one who guards her mouth, PRESERVES HER LIFE. Return to me and I will restore you. Do not worry about what to say. But when IT IS TIME FOR you to speak, when you have spent time in prayer, it will not be you speaking, but the Father speaking through you. Let your words be few, I say again. We cannot WILL ourselves to be wise with our words. It is a gift of the Holy Spirit, that can only be sought for and received in prayer. THIS IS WHY WOMEN MUST PRAY.

Because you are scared or intimidated to speak the truth to your children who act hostile to the Lord God, and feel you lack any power to influence their choices toward God, without the Holy Spirit. And you are exactly right. This is why we must pray. And when we pray, we can hear Him say, “Wait upon Me. Open wide your mouth and I will fill it. What I tell you in the dark, what I whisper in your ear in prayer, proclaim it from the rooftops. Confess me before your children and I will confess you before My Father. YOU…stand firm till the end, because there is no greater gift than this, to leave our children. THIS IS WHY WOMEN MUST PRAY FOR THEIR CHILDREN.

Because we as women are so easily filled with anxiety over the choices our children have made, or the direction we see them headed and WE need gracious relief- THIS is why we must pray. And when we pray, we can hear Him say, “Come unto me…and I will give you rest. Is my hand so short that it cannot save? I who began a good work, will be faithful to complete it, in this child. All who are mine, I will not lose one of them. I am God in the Heavens and I do as I please. No one can thwart my hand. I am the beginning and the end. YOU Commit YOUR way unto me and I will direct your path, as you wait for God to move in this child’s life. THIS IS WHY WOMEN MUST PRAY FOR THEIR CHILDREN

Because when there is peace in our home and all is going well and we feel satisfied with the work of our hands, and the blessing of our children, the first thing to go is prayer. We may continue to perform religious duties, but our hearts become distant in a prosperous land. But when we pray, we can hear Him say- remember the place from which you have fallen? It is time to seek Me until I come and rain righteousness (not just ease and satisfaction) but righteousness on You. To be holy is His clear calling upon our lives, as natural born nurturers. Come and return to living in my shadow and I will cause you to yield spiritual fruit and blossom like the vine. And as you wait on me in prayer AND ONLY AS YOU WAIT ON ME IN PRAYER, you will receive power because the Holy Spirit has come upon you, and you will be my witnesses (is anybody ready to be a witness?) in Judea, Samaria, and even to the remotest part of the earth. And kingdom living far surpasses riches, ease, and a constant state of well being. Do not let the discipline of prayer go, hold fast to it, even when our hearts feel content. It is our greatest mode of intimacy with the Father, and our children need mothers who live this close to the Father. THIS IS WHY WOMEN MUST PRAY.

Because nobody on God’s green earth, cares about your babies or is as commited to your children, unconditionally, like you are- this is why we cannot HELP but pray. This is a painful gift at times. But it is nonetheless a gift, which Satan will try to distort, but God has claimed to use to bring down strongholds…if we will but pray. THIS IS WHY WOMEN MUST PRAY.

Why are we here, in Washington, DC, the blessed capitol of the USA.

Because at CRUCIAL times throughout history, God has always called individuals, not to a far off land, but has literally appointed them to pray and prophesy over the country of their birth. He gives them a call to live boldly for the Lord right in the boundaries whereby He has appointed them. He does not send them to a far off people with a different language….they might listen. No, he calls them HERE. He gives them an iron forehead, that they might be the influencers and not the influenced. He asks them to intercede for their own people, to firmly warn them to push back the darkness, in a time when darkness has blanketed the land. THIS IS WHY WE ARE HERE, LIVING IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, IN SUCH A TIME AS THIS.

Because a lack of patriotism leads OUR CHILDREN to be indifferent and inactive in a land that was purchased by blood, that we might be free to pray and worship. Because it is here in this country, that we MUST NOT let apathy and greed overtake the next generation, concerning politics and government. Oh, and because we are commanded to pray for leaders that God has appointed for our nation at THIS time, and to honor our president. We must set this example, right here and right now. THIS IS WHY WE ARE HERE, LIVING IN THE THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, IN SUCH A TIME AS THIS.

Because we live in a time when our religious liberties are at stake, and CERTAINLY will be at stake in the future, we must live religiously BOLD in our faith, as an example for the next generation, of this land. Because it may be darker and harder to live for Jesus Christ when it is “their turn.” So must show them how. We must practice our religious freedoms as loudly and as long as we can, so they will know the way. THIS IS WHY WE ARE HERE, LIVING IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, IN SUCH A TIME AS THIS.

And now I want to read a poem that was written at my kitchen table, while I thought about what I long for my children to grasp about God, before they leave this home. May it give us fresh focus before we go into a time of sweet intercession for our babies.

A Mamma’s Prayer…

Children would you listen today
To the words that I must say?
There is a God, and there’s none like Him
Who wants to cleanse you from your sin.
Oh He’ll take your heart, all filled with black
And make it white, now that’s a fact!
He wants you close, right by His side
Your very Best Friend, who cannot lie.

He will not fail you, no He won’t
He never leaves you, no He don’t!
He’s stronger than the evil one
Who tries to make you run, run run!
Run in fear, now running hard…
Running to find a brand new heart.
You needn’t do that, for it’s true
That He did all the work for you.
He bled and died to bring you close
For precious child, it’s you He chose.

He sees you every place you go
And He goes WITH you, don’t you know?
To whisper softly to your heart
That you are His- so come apart…
Come out, away from darkness child
For nothing’s better than God’s smile.

And when sad things must come our way
Just remember what I say
We’re only here a little while
And God gives hope in every trial
Life is short so hold on tight
Your gonna see your Momma’s right!

God is good, yes all the time
He’s strong and mighty, yet He’s kind.
He’ll help you up when you fall down
He commands His angels to surround.
And you’ll never be just “gone too far”
For Jesus receives the runaway heart.
So if perhaps you lose your way
All that you must do is say
God I need you, please forgive me,
Come and fill my heart that’s empty
Oh He will come. He’ll come right in
And you’ll be on your way again.
Now buckle up and hang on tight
And just keep Heaven in your sight
You wear His name! And wear it proud
For children we are Heaven bound.

Thoughts from an MDOP Host

I looked forward to the MDOP with great anticipation. I could feel the rumblings of the breakthroughs that would occur as a result of women coming together to intercede for the things on God’s heart. I would be filled with excitement every time Aunt Kathy Jo could pick up her highlighter to mark off another state being represented on this day. What a special day it would be.