Thoughts from MDOP Host – Rebecca Rogers in North Carolina

I looked forward to the MDOP with great anticipation. I could feel the rumblings of the breakthroughs that would occur as a result of women coming together to intercede for the things on God’s heart. I would be filled with excitement every time Aunt Kathy Jo could pick up her highlighter to mark off another state being represented on this day. What a special day it would be. As I gathered with my pastor’s wife and sister-n-law, we began to pray over the things on our hearts. I really sensed that we were making a difference. Obviously, mom’s are way too busy to gather and pray unless we believed our prayers would shift outcomes, and impact purposes. I believed! I knew that mountains would be moved, broken and lowered. We may never know what lives were changed because of our willingness to pray for the broken, the forgotten and the lost. God knows and he dances with strength to have his girls stand in the gap and pray in faith for His intervention in the lives of our children, nation and those we can not see and do not know. I am inspired to continue a lifestyle of faith and unceasing prayer. Mountains stand no chance against those who command it’s submission to God’s will.