People Are Saying

This is what our Mom’s Day of Prayer supporters and participants have to say:

Former First Lady of Arkansas Janet Huckabee:
“Anytime we can pray for our children, we are praying for our country. These young ones will take us into the next century and plot our course for a long time. We never waste time when we spend time praying for our children. There is a great need for the Mom’s Day of Prayer movement in our state, our nation, and the world.”

Fern Nichols, founder and president of Moms In Touch International, and author of “Every Child Needs a Praying Mom” and “Prayers From a Mom’s Heart”.
“Mom’s Day of Prayer is a wonderful opportunity to join like-minded moms in prayer for the children of your community. It is in corporate prayer that we as moms find the support to persevere in battle for the lives of our children. And, it is in corporate, one accord prayer that we can rest assured of His perfect answer. The next generations will live in the atmosphere of our prayers.”

Cheri Fuller, speaker and author of the bestselling When Mothers Pray, When Families Pray, and the One Year Book of Praying through the Bible:
“The Mom’s Day of Prayer movement is a God-given vision that has eternal value. To come together as mothers, grandmoms, aunts and teachers from every background, race and denomination as we pray and cry out for the lives of kids of this generation is a great way to begin each new year in cities around our nation The most important thing that we can do for our children, grandchildren and students is to pray fervently for them!”

Jennifer Kennedy Dean Author, Legacy of Prayer: A Spiritual Trust Fund for the Generations
“The most important parenting we do is on our knees. The richest inheritance we can leave for future generations is a legacy of prayer. Mom’s Day of Prayer provides the framework and the structure that will bring moms together to release the mightiest force in the world.”

Joyce Baggott, District Superintendent’s Wife of the North Arkansas District Church of the Nazarene
“Mom’s Day of Prayer could be one of the greatest tools for our mothers in this day. It’s true, there is power in numbers and we know there’s power in prayer! What better gift could a mother give her children than to pray together with other moms for the same cause. I believe if we honor God, He will honor us and our efforts. Mom’s Day of Prayer should and could be one of the biggest gatherings in our community!
A prayer from a grandmother for the Mom’s Day of Prayer movement:
“I pray, oh Lord, for the moms you will call to the mom’s movement. I pray that you will protect the beauty of their hearts and allow NO weapon the enemy can devise to prosper. I pray that this will become a nationwide, then a worldwide movement, and that the moms will realize their power in YOU!”

From a Mom’s Day of Prayer Coordinator:
“Kathy, the day I read the article about the Community-Wide Mom’s Day of Prayer in our local newspaper has been life changing to say the least. That article was for my son, and my family..but He also knew what I needed! I haven’t missed a Mom’s Day of Prayer since.

From a mom:
“Kathy, I am praying for this day of prayer to prevail against the very gates of Hell and snatch wayward children from the path of destruction. May our Lord hear and grant our requests! Nothing will keep me from coming to the Mom’s Day of Prayer!”
From a Youth Minister:
“My prayer is that moms in our area will understand the magnitude of such a day!”

From a Teacher and Local Community Volunteer:
“What a wonderful time at the church this morning. I truly felt God’s presence in the words that were lifted in praise, petition and request on behalf of the children in our area – the world.”
From a Mom:
“I wonder how many of our precious children will be spared from suicide, rape, abortion, sexual misconduct, running away, loneliness, pain, depression, eternity in Hell, drug and alcohol addiction, etc., etc., etc., because of the Mom’s Day of Prayer!”

From a Mom’s Day of Prayer Coordinator:
“My heart has been overwhelmed with God’s love since getting involved with the Mom’s Day of Prayer. There has been a renewed desire for prayer among the members of our church since we hosted the Mom’s Day of Prayer this year. God knows the hearts and hurts of each child and desires so much that we keep them in our prayers. My daughter said to me, “Mom, won’t it be wonderful when every church in Ft. Smith has hosted the Mom’s Day of Prayer. We will truly see revival city-wide when this happens.” I know God is pleased for women to come together in unity and harmony and the Mom’s Day of Prayer will bring strength in the body of Christ.”

From a Mom’s Day of Prayer Coordinator:
“The whole day was magnificent! One lady said she had gotten up early around 5:45 a.m. to get ready to come and spend the day in prayer. One set of circumstances after another prevented her from getting there. She finally arrived at 4:20 p.m. and stayed until it ended at 5:00 p.m. When I thanked her for coming, she said, “Oh no, thank you. Thank you so much for having a day we can come and pray.”

A Mom’s Day of Prayer attendee:
“The women I came with were so thankful and so overwhelmed with the presence and anointing of God. I pray more women will begin to realize what this day of prayer would do for them and their families.”

A hesitant mom who attended:
“As I told you, I really thought about not coming this morning. I went out to my car fighting back tears and feeling so defeated. When I arrived at the Mom’s Day of Prayer, I immediately felt the Lord’s presence. I believe He is already working through the many prayers that were lifted up to Him.”

From a Foreign Missionary:
“Kathy, I spent much time on the Mom’s Day of Prayer website and cried big buffalo tears as I read through each page. I know this can happen right where I am. I know God wants me to do it!! This is so much BIGGER than my brain can even fathom. Will you pray with me for the Holy Spirit’s leading? Oh, there is MUCH prayer to be lifted to our Father as we consider joining Him in this work. The plan is His. We must ask Him for the details. He will tell us what to do.”

Cheryl Roland, District Superintendent’s Wife: Northeastern Indiana District, Church of the Nazarene
I arrived at the church early that morning with my Bible, prayer list, and a heavy heart. Raising two teenage girls “in the way they should go” seemed impossible. God had given me instructions. Romans 12:12 “Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, and faithful in prayer.” I was striving to obey but failing in all three areas. This day I felt hope as I witnessed mothers interceding for their children. Joy flooded by soul as I joined them: some kneeling, some standing, others sobbing or silent. Many came and went. Others came and stayed as they openly surrendered their children to God on the altar of prayer. Words cannot begin to express the impact of Mom’s Day of Prayer on my family. I received joy, hope and a new zeal to pray without ceasing, not only for my own children but also for families all over our community. Although I have not stopped praying, our girls are both happily married, college graduates, and living for Jesus because of God’s great faithfulness to answer prayer. How I praise Him for the privilege of spending the day with women of faith, hope, and love for Jesus Christ. There is strength in the Name of the Lord!