A Poem for Mom’s Day of Prayer

A Poem Written for Mom’s Day of Prayer

Angels gather, the Holy Spirit moves;
Mothers enter and fill the pews.
Reverently bowing one by one,
They have come to pray for daughters and sons.

An expectant mommy gives God praise;
She’ll give birth in just a few days.
A Christian home she vows to build
With laughter and love – one that’s spirit-filled.

A hurting mother prays through flowing tears,
Seeking God’s grace through trying years.
Claiming Satan will have no hold
On her changing child more precious than gold.

A grandmother donned with graying hair
Kneels at the altar in humble prayer.
As light reflects her tearstained cheek,
She intercedes for children as she weeps.

These moms know when two or more are gathered
In their midst is Jesus, Savior.
What comfort, joy, and peace this brings
To God’s promises they will always cling.

Strength is gained at the Mom’s Day of Prayer.
At His feet, mothers cast their cares.
Spirits renewed and faith restored,
Glory and honor moms give to the Lord.

-Susan Boone
Mother and School Principal